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How it Works

WMS breaks down traditional medical lectures into micro-lectures. These micro-lectures of maximum 15 minutes allow for targeted and time-efficient learning. For each disease, they cover basic topics (Epidemiology, Pathophysiology, Symptoms, Diagnostics, Therapy) and advanced topics of diseases. We seek to establish a comprehensive library of medical education in all relevant diseases. 

We carefully identify and choose the world’s leading professors, researchers and medical practitioners: First, we ask recognized professors to identify key experts in their fields. Then, we evaluate their international academic reputation by screening publication records (e.g. via the Google Scholar H-Index and a review of articles in high impact journals, e.g. Lancet, NEJM, JAMA). Finally, we assess the teaching experience of possible contributors using the Times Higher Education ranking of medical universities and available teaching records of the scholars. WMS supports the production of the lecture by providing guidance, technical support and key talking points relevant to the specific lecture. 

over     30 LECTURES available now!

    We invite the best medical scholars and practitioners in their field to spend 14 minutes sharing their knowledge and expertise with the future generation of doctors. Make your contribution today!


    We are a small team, looking to make a big difference. Your contribution helps us to provide free, top-level educational to medical students world-wide. We are aiming to improve medical education globally. For the life of millions. 

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