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Our Mission

Our mission is to improve health care across the world. Medical students, doctors and health practitioners will be able to access free and top-level education provided in an effective and time-efficient way.

We draw on resources from the world’s leading professors, researchers and medical practitioners and foster knowledge-sharing within the medical community. WMS seeks to strengthen medical education in countries with limited resources as well as in countries with high educational standard

By fostering the dissemination of top-level education and knowledge we strive to bring the benefits of global expertise to those most in need. WMS encourages solidarity—our lecturers spend 15 minutes of their time to improve and save the life of millions.


Dr Robert Newman, MD, MPH, Head of Policy and Performance at GAVI Alliance, former Director Global Malaria Programme, World Health Organization (2009-2014)

    We invite the best medical scholars and practitioners in their field to spend 14 minutes sharing their knowledge and expertise with the future generation of doctors. Make your contribution today!


    We are a small team, looking to make a big difference. Your contribution helps us to provide free, top-level educational to medical students world-wide. We are aiming to improve medical education globally. For the life of millions. 

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